Does it hurt?

Odgovor ovde

How should I take care of my new tattoo?

After the tattooing gently remove the cover from the tattoo that was applied by the tattoo artist, wash your tattoo thoroughly with antibacterial soap and warm water. While washing, apply medium pressure with your fingers,do not scratch and rub the tattoo. Gently dry with paper handkerchief or tissue paper – do not rub with towel.
NOTE: Before every washing and using the tattoo cream you must also wash your hands.
After washing the tattooed place apply a thin layer with gentle circular movements with the Macedonian Magic® tattoo cream
Apply the amount as much as the skin can absorb the cream.
NOTE Do not apply in large quantities (layers) of Macedonian Magic® tattoo cream because it won’t help the healing process of your tattoo.
Macedonian Magic® tattoo cream apply it daily every 2-3 h for 10 days
It is advisable to wash the tattoo with the antibacterial soap every day before your first applying the cream and when you apply cream before bedtime.

What should I get? And where?

This is all a matter of personal taste. You can get whatever you want. You can choose a picture off the wall, or you can have them create a custom piece just for you. And with consultations with the tattoo artist you can decide where do you want to get your tattoo.