Welcome to the official web site of the First Professional Tattoo and Piercing Studio in Macedonia.

Currently SKIN ART Studio is on the new location and we have a brand new look. All tattoo and piercing lovers are welcome to drop by at our shop any time!

Tattoo and piercing studio ” Skin Art ” exists for more than 30 years, the original “first” shop was opened 1988 in the small city of Kumanovo.

SKIN ART is the first professional studio for tattooing and piercing in Macedonia, and also is among the first studios in the Balkans who continue the tradition of tattooing and body piercing that lasts more than 2500 years. The founder of the studio is Bogdan Spasovski , who started with amateur tattooing from 1974godina , and then professionally from 1988 – Hi is still working with his sons, who were also his students. Him and his younger son Dejan Spasovski, you can find in the first “the original” Tattoo Studio in Kumanovo. Igor Mehandzhijski – Boogie is elder son of Bogdan who generously supported to achieve the fathers project “Skin Art”. After working in the studio in Kumanovo, making his way up, he went forward – worked in several studios around the world and learn the new stiles and SKIN ART possibilities. At the end when he return in Macedonia hi opened a second SKIN ART shop in 1996 in Skopje, the capitol of Macedonia. The tattoo studio was located in the new at this time shopping center ” Beverly ” and it confirmed a long year of work by Igor. In that time this became best visited studio in Macedonia. Keeping up with the trends and his interests, Igor in 1999 moved the location of the studio in the city center on one of the busiest boulevards “Partizanski Odredi, in the mall Bunjakovec , where he still is. The studio is large and equipped, set by the world standards for tattoo parlour, which means the interior is adapted to high international standards of appearance of a professional tattoo studio. Here is not only important the appearance, but also the established criteria in terms of how it should look like a tattoo Studio by medical standards and rules . There is no place of amateurism in SKIN ART studios. Well aware of the new situation at that time, that every day are popping up new so called tattoo studios, the growing number of people who are incompetent and irresponsible working with tattooing , buying machines and who knows what other kind of non professional equipment, overnight become “tattooists”, Igor made an exemple to maintain the professionalism in the well known SKIN ART shops so all other can learn how one tattoo and piercing shop must look like. Because of that, this site exists , and because of that the tattoo studio SKIN ART exists, working with certificates and a lot of international awards, so people can address ​​to the right place . Great Tattoo in good Studio it occurs only as a blend of all of these elements, and the sum of next: a steady hand , good master and his precision – skill , but it is not enough without quality color acclaimed producers and quality needles and machine guns . Today SKIN ART is not just the name of the studio, as the magical threesome Bogdan, Igor and Dejan confirmed the true meaning of the name and became skin artists with a reputation that can not be brought in question.They say “Each “piece of skin” that came and which we can tattoo, THAT it is a privilege . “