Igor Mehandzijski

He was born with love towards tattooing, it comes to him so naturally that one can say tattooing is in his blood. He has become interested in tattooing since he was very young . He was watching his father working and he was helping him at the same time. The first tattoo he was permitted to make was at the age of 15, a few months after his father had started his Studio. At the age of 16, he left for Italy where he studied cosmetic (movie art ) tattooing in the first International MOVIE ART SCHOOL. He worked in Los Angeles for two years with an interval of nine months when he returned back to Macedonia to join the Army. While in Los Angeles, he acquired knowledge of body piercing and is now the only professional piercer in Macedonia.

After he had returned from America he started his own ”SKIN ART” Tattoo & Body Piercing Studio. He has been working since then. He is taken part in many International Tattoo Conventions and is a winner of:

The best color daily tattoo
Third place in big project
Second place in tribal production (design)

He was declared to be one of the best 25 DRAWING ARTISTS and acquired an acknowledgement for a unique design (his own style). Today he is a member of the team of the Tattoo Skin Artist and is continuing his father’s tradition.

He says: “Drawing, as well as tattooing is something that cannot be understood by everyone. There are people who copy their already designed tattoos. However we, the artists, are the ones who should enjoy our unique styles and pieces of work and not to redraw and copy”.