Dejan Spasovski – Shadow Man

The younger son of Bogdan, and his apprentice as well, could not avoid his father`s profession so he learned it. At the age of 18, when he returned from the Army, Dejan liked the idea to become a tattoo master . As he was having the best teacher on the Balkan Peninsula it did not take a long time before he changed the sides, from observer to a man observed.

He becomes an owner of The First Tattoo Studio on the Balkan Peninsula which can still be found where it has been since years. His favorite style is -SHADOWS- When creating a picture of Jesus which got- “alive”, Foreigners (soldiers and civilians who were in Macedonia from 1995 to 1999) called him “SHADOW MAN”

He has been working in Kumanovo Studio and appears to arouse a desire in many youngsters in this city to learn to work like him.