Bogdan Spasovski

He has been into tattooing since he was 20 and is a master at unique drawings. As a young person he had a dream of having his Tattoo Studio. In 1990 his dream became true and he founded his own Studio in Kumanovo. At first he worked with needles and sharp borer until he bought his first tattoo equipment. He considers that working with needle and borer is a tradition which should continue for it is the only way to recognize the real master.

His speciality is unique patriotic designs in traditional color style. His favorite style is traditional colour and he enjoys strong and bright colours. At the age of 60 although his eyesight is not as good as it used to be he still does his best and continues to produce unique pieces of work.

He says: “ My wish is to work with art and continue to work doing my best of the tattoos, but what I am afraid of, is becoming unilateral (almost always same tattoos are asked for) and never having a chance of creating my masterpiece”.